Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions About Our Electronic Manufacturing Services

What types of PCB assemblies do you provide?

We offer a wide range of PCB assembly services, including SMT (Surface Mount Technology), TH (Through-Hole) technology, and mixed technology PCBAs for various industries.

Do you offer custom cable and wire harness assemblies?

Yes, we provide custom cable and wire harness assemblies designed to meet your unique specifications and requirements.

Can you handle complex box builds and product assembly?

Our team is experienced in managing complex box builds and product assembly projects. We can handle everything from simple to intricate systems, ensuring the final product meets your expectations.

What industries do you serve?

We cater to a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and more.

How do you ensure the quality of your products and services?

We adhere to strict quality control processes and maintain AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015 certifications. Our skilled team of engineer